Why do car companies choose for car mediation services from FS4Trading?
Focus is our guiding principle. Where car companies often have to do (too) many things at the same time, we concentrate all our attention on the purchase and delivery of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. This will save you time to focus on other activities.

Whom does FS4Trading mediate for?
FS4Trading operates 100% business to business (B2B). We do not import vehicles to trade them ourselves. This market is exclusively reserved for our customers.

What can I expect from FS4Trading?
FS4Trading facilitates the purchase of passenger cars and commercial vehicles throughout Europe. We relieve you during the entire purchase and delivery process and think along with the internal processes and needs.

What does the service of FS4Trading cost me?
We work with a fixed fee per car and on a no cure, no pay basis. We do not charge you until the cars and registration papers are delivered.

What is the minimum number of passenger cars and/or commercial vehicles I need to purchase?
There is no minimum number of cars you need to purchase. In our working method, we make a distinction between volume deals and tailor-made services for single, unique cars.

Who will import the passenger cars and/or commercial vehicles?
Through our knowledge and experience, we know exactly what is important when you are importing cars. Therefore, we can fully support you with all the necessary information in every step of the import process. You arrange the import, we are there to assist you during this process.

How does a collaboration with FS4Trading start?
Would you like to work with us? Call us for a personal meeting or leave your contact details and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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