Working method

The purchase and sale of new and used passenger cars and commercial vehicles is a specialism that requires your full attention. Within the automotive sector, there is often a lack of time, knowledge and focus in this area. FS4Trading is very adept at looking for B2B offers of new and used passenger cars and commercial vehicles throughout Europe. We use our own clear and transparent working method, which we are pleased to explain to you.

Working method volume deals

When you intend to import B2B cars, you will notice that there are many cars available, but the information about these cars is often very limited. FS4Trading will do its best to find the cars that meet your wishes and requirements. Our working method is designed to meet the wishes of our customers. We relieve you during the entire process from searching for cars to transport. Of course, we will keep you informed through daily updates. However, you will not receive endless lists of cars from us. Only the best offers with all the important information you need to proceed to purchase. All we ask from you is to give your consent. This will save time and will enable you to keep an overview during the process. In addition to the aforementioned, we value “a deal is a deal”. We work with a fixed fee, so you know exactly what to expect and we will make sure you will get what you expect. Moreover, we maximize your margin, because there are no other intermediaries: only FS4Trading, the supplier and the buyer.

Working method single cars

In addition to volume deals, FS4Trading is also specialized in the B2B offers of single, more unique passenger cars and commercial vehicles. We notice that customer demand for these unique cars is increasing. However, searching, finding and calculating the prices of a single car takes a lot of time and energy. We help you with the possible challenges you may encounter when you import cars in low volume. Our focus contributes to the speed and effectiveness of international purchasing. As with volume deals, we will keep you updated on the entire process, making it clear what will happen and when. This means you can purchase cars with your mind at ease.

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